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3D Flooring

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3D Flooring

Decorative flooring - it's not just a picture, a large-scale art object, which fundamentally changes the idea of what might look like flooring. On the one hand - it's surface, and the other - a whole image, with all shades and textures. Strong and durable coating on which man walks in the room can be a beautiful, creative and unique with the help of Epoxy Flooring System .

3D technology developers hardly imagine how varied and interesting their ideas are for the future. Today 3D floors do in shopping malls, large halls, office buildings, apartments; many people event trying to do it with their own hands but its only can be don by specialists and quality materials. This is explained not only external beauty of the floor, but also its performance.

Features of 3D Floors

Self-Leveling 3D floors - a floor covering that is not just have numbers, but by themselves is drawing or image. Roughly speaking, the image under the translucent layer, which, moreover, also the floor. The most commonly used visual images appear ready prints . They are printed on a special photo printer on the set sizes . Therefore, for any size room can choose a favorite pattern.


Installation of Epoxy 3D floor murals requires a lot of experience and does not tolerate even the slightest error, so the best option would be to hire a professional contractor. Advance Industrial Coatings has extensive experiences installing epoxy/polyurethane floors, feel free to call us at 904-425-7307 to request a free consultation and project estimate. But if you are a very handy person and would like to install the 3D floor design by yourself, you can follow the following installation steps:

1. Test the slab for moisture and vapor emissions. Moisture can cause adhesive failures, promote mold, mildew growth and result in curling or bubbling.
2. Fully prepare the substrate surface. Use diamond grinding tools or sanding tools to prep the entire concrete floor. Patch as needed so there were no cracks, no bevels and the entire surface must be perfectly smooth. Make sure to cover and tape the surrounding area.
3. Auto scrub and vacuum the floor to completely clean the surface. There shouldn’t be even the tiniest dust.
4. Check the humidity. It is important that humidity throughout the area does not exceed 4%, otherwise in a week or two the beautiful newly installed floor will peel off. 5. Apply the self-leveling epoxy primer.
6. Install the 3D floor mural. If the basis of the pattern chosen is 3D floor mural, make sure bonding to the substrate was nowhere folds or creases.
7. Install 2 layers of clear epoxy or more often, polyurethane to build a transparent layer of epoxy coating over the 3D floor mural. This layer will provide the desired perception of depth as well as the protection of the 3D floor mural. Such a layer should be installed with even more attention to detail and the much of care. All speck of dust, hairs, etc. need to be removed.
8. If necessary, apply a top coat protective sealer.

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