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Glass White

Glass is extensively used in building construction such as in doors and windows for architectural features and interior decorations. It is used as a physical barrier between exterior and interior without obstructing visibility. Foamed or cellular glass is used for vapor proof insulation and span form glass fibers are used as acoustic and thermal insulation. This article gives you valuable info on specification of glass, thickness of glass according to sizes, types of glasses according to quality and visibility

Glass should be free from specks, bubbles, distortions and flaws of every kind and be properly cut to fit rebates so that there is a uniform space of 1.6 mm around glass panes between the edge of glass and rebates.

Quality and Use of Glass

Sheet Glass

It is available in thickness from 2 mm to 6 mm. It is used in mirrors, glazing of windows, framing purposes, strips for flooring and green house glazing etc. The sheet glass is not considered good for aesthetic quality.

Float Glass

The glass is available in thickness ranging from 2mm to 12 mm and is free from bubbles, knots and scratches etc. It is either clear or tinted and comes in large sizes and thickness. The glass is of uniform thickness without any waves or distortions having excellent optical clarity and aesthetic quality. It is used in door window pans and glazing.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass is available in bronze, dark grey and auto green shades. The glass is used in door and window pans and is glazed to save energy. It is utilized in important and air conditioned buildings.

Visibility of Glass

Transparent Glass

It is available in different thicknesses and properties. The thickness is available in 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, and 10 mm. According to the nature of glass, it is available in toughened glass, laminated and solar reflective glass.

Translucent Glass

It allows the light but gives limited vision.

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